Every day, somewhere, a virus mutates or the habitat in

which it has long lain dormant is disturbed, swelling the

ranks of the deadly.... 

The scientifically plausible story of The Next Big One. 

May God help us all. 

– Eric L. Harry



        PANDORA: CONTAGION  (Book 2)


The Pandora Series continues
Released January, 2019
Book 1 
   Pandora: Outbreak
New Kensington Books imprint 
   Rebel Base

They call it the Pandoravirus  


  It attacks the brain.  The infected may explode in uncontrollable rage, blind to pain, empty of emotion, the infected hunt...

and are hunted.  

They attack without warning

and without mercy.  

Their numbers spread unchecked.


There is no known cure


© 2017 by Eric L Harry 

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