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Covid-19 v Pandoravirus

It's terrifying how closely the current Coronavirus outbreak is to Pandoravirus:

  • Outbreak in China, and quarantined cities.  World spread.

  • Human-to-human transmission, with pre-symptom contagiousness. 

  • Antibiotic resistant. 

  • Stock markets falling dramatically.

  • Shopping malls deserted, Apple, Starbucks and Ikea have temporarily closed stores.

  • U.S. consulate evacuation. 

  • International airlines have canceled flights.

Coronovirus is strikingly similar to the all to real SARS outbreak of nearly 20 years ago, and while SARS terrified and stung the global economy, Coronovirus is a FAR greater menace. In the two decades since SARS, the global economy inextricably connects Italy, China and New York City. The world was accessible to travelers, making the pandemic the substantially more potent threat we are living in today.

Patients may spread the virus during an incubation period

lasting up to 14 days before symptoms appear.

In the first three weeks of Coronovirus outbreak, there

were more deaths  than attributed to SARS in total!

The scientific difference from Pandoravirus? Coronovirus’ rate of transmissibility is slightly lower, and  some symptoms differ.

Experts claim to be divided about whether MERS-CoV

has pandemic potential....

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