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Best Selling auther of Arc Light, Invasion, Society of the Mind and Protect and Defend  

His latest is Pandora: Outbreak

Raised in a small town in Mississippi, Eric L. Harry graduated from the Marine Military Academy in Texas and studied Russian and Economics at Vanderbilt University, where he also got a J.D. and M.B.A.  


In addition, he studied in Moscow and Leningrad in the USSR, and at the University of Virginia Law School. 

He began his legal career in private practice in Houston, negotiated complex multinational mergers and acquisitions around the world, and rose to be general counsel of a Fortune 500 company. He left to raise a private equity fund and found a successful oil company. 

His most recent work is the frightening story of what could be the next BIG ONE, a terrifying pandemic, Pandora: Outbreak. Previous thrillers include Arc Light, Society of the Mind, Protect and Defend and Invasion

His books have been published in eight countries. 

He and his wife have three children and divide their time between Houston and San Diego.  Contact him on Facebook or  here.

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